UNESCO Amman Office and the Ghor el Safi Women's Association Open Day

UNESCO Amman Office and the Ghor el Safi Women's Association cordially invite you to join the open day #Unite4Indigo #Unite4Heritage and learn how to get natural blue from indigo. Indigo is a plant that was cultivated in the Jordan Valley in ancient times. Within the framework of the project “Empowering Rural women in the Jordan Valley” funded by Drosos Foundation, UNESCO has revived the cultivation of indigo in the Jordan Valley to support the women of Safi Crafts to improve their handmade production.

The open day will include a visit to the indigo field and a live demonstration of indigo dyeing by the women of Safi Crafts.


A bus from Amman to Ghor el Safi will be organized by UNESCO leaving at 9 am (you can book your seat from now by contacting Ms. Valentina Gamba at v.gamba@unesco.org or by calling the following numbers: 06 5929621/4 ext. 444 or 0796317436).


#Unite4Indigo #Unite4Heritage

To know more about the project please visit: http://www.unesco.org/new/en/amman/projects/culture/empowering-rural-women-in-the-jordan-valley/

Or get in touch with the Women of Safi Crafts in Facebook @SafiCrafts

And find us on Facebook @UNESCO Amman Office or Twitter @UNESCO Jordan

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